May 3th & 4th Updates..

To donate, please email shangpafoundation@gmail.com or sms
Gina @ +65 8688 1166 | Chiu Yuin @ +65 9815 0386 for the bank account number.


3rd May:
Our Sherpa Friends did shopping today to cook food for people who are in the hospital. Many of the injured at the hospitals have been surviving on dry food for a few days now. They relish having some warm food to sustain and aid their recovery.

Meanwhile they are finding out how to reach the more remote areas where more victims of the Quake are suffering and awaiting help.

Kirtipur Anis visited the Hospital to care for the people there. They found out the injured victims have very little food and hence went to the market to purchase and to prepare food to serve.

Our monks in JCM engaged in full day prayers for the deceased. At night, they lit many lamps in prayers for the deceased and also for World Peace & Nepal.

4th May

Our Sherpa friends distributed rice for 75 houses near Lamsangu. The whole village were affected and they did not get any help so far. Our team gave each family 30 Kg rice. some of our team cooked hot food and distributed to patients in the hospital.

Moving ahead:
We just got request from Tartung Village, near Helambu. 3 small villages are completely damaged and they don’t have any blanket, mattress, food etc. There are about 400 residents with no aid or assistance till now. Our Sherpa friends are purchasing the items requested and will prepare for delivery, half by truck, half by manual carry.


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Generous Donation Please..

We rejoice with all the generous donation and grateful for trust in what we are doing. Thank you.

We are working very hard to keep our funds safe and our work direct with the people on the ground. We promise that 100% of the money collected will be channeled to the people in Nepal to address their current needs.

On top of our Sherpa Friends engaging in their work distributing Rice and Tents to the affected villages, our Sangha at Jangchub Choeling Monastery, Pokhara brought food and drinks to Ram Ghat & Gandaki Hospital where quake victims from Lamjung, Gorkha are currently receiving medical attention.

We pray for more news of people and villages being reached and rescued from their current difficult predicament.

Please continue to offer prayers for healing, wisdom and compassion.

To donate, please email shangpafoundation@gmail.com or sms
Gina @ +65 8688 1166 | Chiu Yuin @ +65 9815 0386 for the bank account number.

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Help Nepal 2015

To donate, please email shangpafoundation@gmail.com or sms
Gina @ +65 8688 1166 | Chiu Yuin @ +65 9815 0386 for the bank account number.

Please drop an email to shangpafoundation@gmail.com after your transfer so we can trace the donations.

Your donation funds are making a real, measurable DIFFERENCE! After just three days on the ground, the Immediate Disaster Relief & Support Team has already made a significant impact in the lives of injured, sick, homeless, and otherwise displaced people in Kathmandu, Nepal.

With the funds that were donated yesterday, here is what the Immediate Disaster Relief & Support Team was able to accomplish today:

PURCHASED NUMEROUS ADDITIONAL TENTS: In addition to the three large patient tents that the team purchased and erected yesterday, the team bought many more tents today. They worked together to set these tents up as temporary homes for homeless families and to serve as shelter for patients that are being treated in the streets outside of overflowing hospitals.

PASSED OUT HUNDREDS OF LITERS OF WATER AND HOT MEALS: The team loaded up a pick up truck with hundreds of liters of water and hot fresh meals, and drove around dispersing it to people in need. In addition to handing out food and water to people and families in the streets and other public areas, the team walked through the Kathmandu government hospital and handed water out to patients in hospital beds, who would have otherwise gone thirsty for the foreseeable future.

DELIVERED FIRST AID KITS AND MEDICAL SUPPLIES TO HOSPITALS: The team purchased numerous first aid kits and other medical supplies and delivered them to the Kathmandu government hospital and other hospitals nearby. The Kathmandu government hospital specifically requested the team to deliver first aid kits, as the hospital was running out of basic medical supplies such as gauze, rubbing alcohol, and stitching for sutures.

PURCHASED 200 TETANUS VACCINES: The team purchased and delivered hundreds of tetanus shots to the Kathmandu government hospital. The hospital was severely low on tetanus vaccines, so many patients who suffered from deep lacerations and open wounds that previously were unable to receive a tetanus vaccination were finally able to receive it.

PROVIDED BLOOD TO HOSPITALS: Almost all of the hospitals in Kathmandu are low or completely out of blood supply. As a result, the team assisted with a blood drive today. They were able to deliver many liters of donated and purchased blood to hospitals around the city.

NEXT GOAL: Sherpa Mountain Adventures’ relief team has only been able to reach the people of Kathmandu. Karma Sherpa’s next goal is to raise enough money to hire a helicopter to reach the remote Himalayan villages that have received zero relief and medical support at this point. Many, many villages have gone nearly one week now without any supplies or assistance. These villagers are still living amongst their deceased family members and are without food, water, shelter, and medical supplies. They are in desperate need of help, but they can only be reached if we raise enough money for helicopter support.
So again, THANK YOU for your donations, but please keep sharing our message so that we can help more families and villages in need!

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