2nd June : Happy Saga Dawa Duchen

Wishing all a happy and blessed Saga Dawa Duchen!

Shangpa Rinpoche is now back in Nepal and he sends his wishes and blessings to all.

Today, together with the Sangha from Jangchub Choeling Monastery, he is conducting prayers in special dedication to the earthquake victims and for those passed away during the earthquake. May the mother earth stay firm and stable. May all who reside on this ground be bestow with peace and be free from sufferings.

Let us rejoice from the far and keep our bodhicitta in our heart _/\_

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27 May 2015: Medical Relief at Sanagau in Lalitpur

Last week S.J.O Relief Team gave their word to return to Sanagau in Lalitpur to provide Traditional Chinese Therapy to the residents there. True to their word, they returned today armed with herbal medicines. Sanagau, Lalitpur is about 16kms away from Kathmandu.

The last time S.J.O Relief Team were there, they provided food supplies that were generously donated by all of you. Many residents, especially the elderly were already waiting for treatment so as to get some relief from their aches and pains.

S.J.O Relief Team were gratified that they were able to provide the Traditional Chinese Therapy to the residents. This treatment not only gave the residents physical respite but also comfort and care.

We are grateful to all our donors who has given us this opportunity to be of service in this difficult time. If you would like to assist in our endeavours by being a donor, please contact us at shangpafoundation@gmail.com

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25 May 2015, Food relief at Ramechhap..

25 May 2015 : Another of our relief team just returned from a meaningful journey to send food and other supplies for the villagers (mostly the Tamang) people in the remote village of the Ramechhap district, located eastern Nepal.

According to the lama, the road was very dangerous and they took two days to reach the Ramechhap. Filling with gratitude and happiness, the villagers shared that this was the only help they have received after the earthquake. Due to the dangerous road condition and the far distance, till to-date, they had not received any aid from the government or any NGO.

Rejoice and thanks to our team for their compassion and courage in initiating this aid. Knowing the difficulty involved, unconditionally they took the initiatives and effort to ensure that the aid reach this village in time and before the start of the monsoon season. “Once the monsoon rain start, it will be even more difficult to send supplies to this area, doing what we can to relief suffering is our goal.” said the team.

Rejoice and gratitude _/\_

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24 May 2015: Updates from Shangpa Rinpoche on the relief work at Laprak.

24 May 2015: Updates from Shangpa Rinpoche on the relief work at Laprak.

I rejoice with the team of monks and staff of Janchub Choeling Monastery on behalf of Shangpa Foundation and Bodhichitta Trust who returned to Pokhara from an aid delivery mission to Laprak on 21 May 15 and returned safely yesterday.

This aid mission was led by Lama Amrit and distributed food to the most effected village there. Laprak is a remote village comprises of 600 houses which most has collapsed during the two major earthquakes that hit Nepal. The villagers are in the state of terror and anguish. According to them they have not received any aid so far. Our Foundation mission went there with two truck loads of staple food such as 15 kg bags of rice, dhal, salt and cooking oil. The journey took one and half days and in between they have to change to smaller vehicles due to road and terrain difficulties.

The villagers are so happy to receive our gifts and they thank supporters of Shangpa Foundation. With this, the Chief District Officer and Police Department also appreciate Shangpa Foundation’s effort to eliminate the suffering of Laprak community. Our lamas and staff of Jangchub Choeling Monastery had done wonderful job and showed their care and love to everyone there.

Sincere gratitude to team from Shangpa Foundation and Bodhichitta Trust for establishing this aid mission. Thanks to all donors and supporters for which without your support this could not have been possible.


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Relief efforts at remote Kutuskhanli village in Ramechap

22 May 2015 :

The Relief Team was informed of the dire situation of the villagers from the remote Kutuskhanli village in Ramechap and the basic necessities that they require.

After spending a day of shopping and preparation, the relief team set off early in the morning in 3 jeeps with 200 pieces of blankets, 110 pieces of tarpaulins, along with various food items and medication. The courageous team include representative from Little Help Nepal, Thailand who also donated relief aid, 8 lamas from Jangchub Choeling Monastery and Brother Norsang from Karma Osal Ling Dharma Centre, they loaded.

The dirt roads to the area is hazardous due landslides and rough terrains. This is the farthest village S.J.O Relief Team is attempting to reach to date. It is about 12 hours journey. We wish the team a safe journey and successful relief mission.

Thanks to all our donors, this aid is only possible with all of your generous donation. Together, may we be able to do what we can to relieve as much sufferings as we can, and rebuild their lives.

If you would like to donate, please visit Shangpa Foundation (shangpafoundation.com) or email us @shangpafoundation@gmail.com or contact Karma Osal Ling Dharma Center, Ipoh.

Om Mani Padme Hung!


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21 May 2015 Updates

21 May 2015 :

A salute to the team….doing what they can and changing plan according to need. “Team got to know about 15 mothers have given birth since the earthquake who are living in the tent cities in Kathmandu and needed good nourishment that have been sadly lacking…” The team immediately made all their ways to provide help to the mothers and the new born babies. May the mothers and babies receive all the blessings….Om Mani Padme Hung!
Please continue to do what we can to support our team who are are working hard on the ground to support the victims.

This touched the heart of the many..gratitude _/\_

For donation: please contact us at shangpafoundation@gmail.com

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Help Nepal : Nubri & Chum Village.

11 May 2015 : The monks from Jangchub Choeling Monastery were busy packing relief packages to bring to the villagers from Nubri and Chum, two of the most remote area in Nepal. With the help of Nepal Red Cross, the monks will be travelling in helicopter on 12 May 2015 with all the supplies for the victims.

Thank you and rejoice lama la _/\_
May you have a smooth journey!

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We are here to help …

To donate, please email shangpafoundation@gmail.com or sms
Gina @ +65 8688 1166 | Chiu Yuin @ +65 9815 0386 for the bank account number.

Over the last 3 days, we have been collecting more funds and purchasing to reach more affected areas with minimal or no assistance.

Our Sangha at JCM, supported by Shangpa Foundation & Bodhicitta Trust spent today packing items and loading up the trucks, ready to move off to Gorkha tomorrow to deliver the supplies.

Please do keep the funds coming in so we can reach more areas, more people in their time of need.

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