The Purpose – Shangpa Foundation

The Shangpa Foundation was initiated by some of the past Shangpa Rinpoche’s disciples and myself 25 years ago at Nepal. The naming of the organisation was not bred out of personal reasons neither it was used to gain popularity nor fame. “Shangpa” refers to my past life Shangpa Rinpoche, who was well known in the Himalayan region of Nepal, extending as far as Western Tibet. The mission and legacy of the past Shangpa Rinpoche is to render assistance to the people in those remote areas.

My sole motivation is to help our monks and nuns as primary purpose and to further extend our helping hands to those needy people if it is financially permissible.

Special focus goes to the Himalayan region such as Mustang and Dolpo where the living conditions are tough. This includes taking care of their basic necessities such as health and education, as well as protecting and preserving their valuable cultures.

In order to carry on and fulfils his great mission, some of the disciples of past Shangpa Rinpoche and myself had established this foundation. Since then, we have been providing assistances to the monasteries and nunneries of their food and lodging. We also assist in some health care projects and distribute educational aids to school in Nepal.

For these works, I appreciate the hard work of all members and contributors of this foundation, they are making the past Shangpa Rinpoche’s mission into a reality. Especially during this disastrous earthquake in Nepal, every one, whom I know and unknown, has shown immense concerns towards our monasteries and Nepal. Many have giving their support towards the relief of this calamity.

I would like to extend my gratitude to our JCM sangha and overseas devotees who are taking part in the relief work in the name of this foundation during this difficult and arduous period in Nepal. There are many others who have supported this noble cause by funding our organization and making good wishes and prayers. To these people, I salute you and I would like to thank each and every one of you with my deepest gratitude.

Please continue to support our Shangpa Foundation and develop our love and compassion to all sentient beings, especially to those less fortunate and needy people.

Shangpa Rinpoche

Ven. Shangpa Rinpoche