27 May 2015: Medical Relief at Sanagau in Lalitpur

Last week S.J.O Relief Team gave their word to return to Sanagau in Lalitpur to provide Traditional Chinese Therapy to the residents there. True to their word, they returned today armed with herbal medicines. Sanagau, Lalitpur is about 16kms away from Kathmandu.

The last time S.J.O Relief Team were there, they provided food supplies that were generously donated by all of you. Many residents, especially the elderly were already waiting for treatment so as to get some relief from their aches and pains.

S.J.O Relief Team were gratified that they were able to provide the Traditional Chinese Therapy to the residents. This treatment not only gave the residents physical respite but also comfort and care.

We are grateful to all our donors who has given us this opportunity to be of service in this difficult time. If you would like to assist in our endeavours by being a donor, please contact us at shangpafoundation@gmail.com

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