25 May 2015, Food relief at Ramechhap..

25 May 2015 : Another of our relief team just returned from a meaningful journey to send food and other supplies for the villagers (mostly the Tamang) people in the remote village of the Ramechhap district, located eastern Nepal.

According to the lama, the road was very dangerous and they took two days to reach the Ramechhap. Filling with gratitude and happiness, the villagers shared that this was the only help they have received after the earthquake. Due to the dangerous road condition and the far distance, till to-date, they had not received any aid from the government or any NGO.

Rejoice and thanks to our team for their compassion and courage in initiating this aid. Knowing the difficulty involved, unconditionally they took the initiatives and effort to ensure that the aid reach this village in time and before the start of the monsoon season. “Once the monsoon rain start, it will be even more difficult to send supplies to this area, doing what we can to relief suffering is our goal.” said the team.

Rejoice and gratitude _/\_

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