24 May 2015: Updates from Shangpa Rinpoche on the relief work at Laprak.

24 May 2015: Updates from Shangpa Rinpoche on the relief work at Laprak.

I rejoice with the team of monks and staff of Janchub Choeling Monastery on behalf of Shangpa Foundation and Bodhichitta Trust who returned to Pokhara from an aid delivery mission to Laprak on 21 May 15 and returned safely yesterday.

This aid mission was led by Lama Amrit and distributed food to the most effected village there. Laprak is a remote village comprises of 600 houses which most has collapsed during the two major earthquakes that hit Nepal. The villagers are in the state of terror and anguish. According to them they have not received any aid so far. Our Foundation mission went there with two truck loads of staple food such as 15 kg bags of rice, dhal, salt and cooking oil. The journey took one and half days and in between they have to change to smaller vehicles due to road and terrain difficulties.

The villagers are so happy to receive our gifts and they thank supporters of Shangpa Foundation. With this, the Chief District Officer and Police Department also appreciate Shangpa Foundation’s effort to eliminate the suffering of Laprak community. Our lamas and staff of Jangchub Choeling Monastery had done wonderful job and showed their care and love to everyone there.

Sincere gratitude to team from Shangpa Foundation and Bodhichitta Trust for establishing this aid mission. Thanks to all donors and supporters for which without your support this could not have been possible.


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