Words from Ven. Shangpa Rinpoche

Nepal earthquakes April 2015  :  A message from Shangpa Rinpoche 

Dear Friends and Sangha members,

The powerful 7.8 magnitude earthquake that hit Nepal after 82 years was one of the hardest experiences in our generation. Reading news and seeing horrific footages from various media that thousands have died or are injured and numerous historical monuments and houses are completely destroyed is very heart breaking. Cries are heard everywhere. Many people lost their loved ones and many heritage sites of Nepal are damaged. This is indeed the hardest time for every Nepali and those who love Nepal and its people. Till now most of Nepalese dare not return to their homes but live in tents in open fields or their yards and gardens for fear of more quakes and after shocks. Days and nights they are enduring cold and rain. Food and water and hygiene may in time become an issue during such natural disasters, especially to the remote areas of Nepal. Thinking of all these scenes bring sadness and they remind me the impermanent nature of samsara. Many brave and compassionate Nepalese endured hardships during this time to help each other.

I came across an article that reported one person was buried in the Bhimsen tower for about 45 minutes. Miraculously he is still alive and shouted for help. The locals heard his pleas and rescued him. Once he is released from the debris, though he sustained injuries, he immediately joined the group to help rescuing others. He understood the urgency to help save others since he personally felt the anguish and fear of being trapped and buried alive.

This is just an example of one person’s courage. Some shops are now selling water and food at half price as a form of their gesture to assist others during this difficult time. The pain of losing love ones and preserved historical monument is not easy to recover. Nevertheless, we can work together to reduce the impact of this calamity.

Every one of us can pray through our own faiths for Nepalese brothers and sisters who are suffering right now. Also, we can channel our resources to aide Nepal to help the nation, the people and for restoration projects of important temples and historical structures. Our small contribution can assist the lives of people and restore the beauty of Nepal.


Ven. Shangpa Rinpoche