Appeal for Fund

Dear friends,

It deeply saddens everyone to receive news of the massive and consequently tragic earthquake which struck Nepal on Saturday, 25 April 2015.

This catastrophic natural disaster has left the nation and its neighbours suffering. Houses, buildings and historical monuments have either been destroyed or seriously damaged. Thousands of villages have been devastated, and hundreds of thousands of people made homeless, are yet to receive aid because of logistic bottlenecks, poor infrastructure and a chaotic government response.

As of 1 May 2015, death toll has passed 6,000 and the number is expected to rise. The Hospitals are not prepared for a catastrophe of this level. Patients are overflowing onto the streets with some surgery done outdoors in makeshift tents. There is also the risk of the spread of potential diseases due to the lack of water and sanitation facilities.

Shangpa Rinpoche and a few friends are maintaining contact with the Sangha members and friends in Nepal. It is indeed a blessing that no one has been reported hurt, though we regret to report that a number of Karma Kagyu Lineage monasteries suffered damages. Particularly are the main building of the Kagyu Institute for Buddhist Studies (KIBS) in Kirtipur, the Karma Raja Maha Vihara Monastery in Swayambhu and Sharminub Monastery. The extent of the damages of these monasteries and other monasteries of the lineage are yet to be determined. The Manang Community Monastery was destroyed in the earthquake.

How can you help ?

To provide immediate help to the victims, Shangpa Rinpoche has set up an Earthquake Relief Fund under the Shangpa Foundation to provide immediate relief and restoration work.
The immediate focus will be to provide crucial relief and emergency aid to the victim. Our monks from Jangchub Choeling Monastery together with the Immediate Disaster Relief & Support Team from Sherpa Mountain Adventures have been working hard to supply food, medicines, water and temporary shelters to the victims. They are also making plans to reach the victims from the remote area by helicopter.

Many were left homeless overnight, thus Rinpoche is looking into possibilities of providing support towards initiatives for rebuilding of homes for the homeless.
Finally, will be the restoration of monasteries under the guidance and supervision of Shangpa Rinpoche, mainly the damaged buildings of the Kagyu Institute for Buddhist Studies in Kirtipur, and others which are yet to be determined. In addition, Rinpoche also wish to provide help towards the restoration of damaged buildings of other affiliated monasteries under the lineage.
The foundation is taking responsibility to ensure that 100% of the donations collected go entirely towards the above purposes.

So please join us in helping in any way we can!
Any amount of contribution will be deeply appreciated.


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Other ways to help:
Please continue send your prayers and dedication to the deceased and the surviving victims who are affected in this earthquake. May they receive all the necessary aid soonest possible and be free from any suffering.


Rejoice with your generosity and for coming together to support this act of love and compassion! Through the power of your positive acts and aspirations, may the destructive forces be eliminated quickly and all affected be blessed with swift recovery.