Relief efforts at remote Kutuskhanli village in Ramechap

22 May 2015 :

The Relief Team was informed of the dire situation of the villagers from the remote Kutuskhanli village in Ramechap and the basic necessities that they require.

After spending a day of shopping and preparation, the relief team set off early in the morning in 3 jeeps with 200 pieces of blankets, 110 pieces of tarpaulins, along with various food items and medication. The courageous team include representative from Little Help Nepal, Thailand who also donated relief aid, 8 lamas from Jangchub Choeling Monastery and Brother Norsang from Karma Osal Ling Dharma Centre, they loaded.

The dirt roads to the area is hazardous due landslides and rough terrains. This is the farthest village S.J.O Relief Team is attempting to reach to date. It is about 12 hours journey. We wish the team a safe journey and successful relief mission.

Thanks to all our donors, this aid is only possible with all of your generous donation. Together, may we be able to do what we can to relieve as much sufferings as we can, and rebuild their lives.

If you would like to donate, please visit Shangpa Foundation ( or email us or contact Karma Osal Ling Dharma Center, Ipoh.

Om Mani Padme Hung!


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